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Juan Carlos Fenu's Jazz Wallpapers

Art Blakey by Juan Carlos Fenu

Juan Carlos Fenu's Artistic Director / Graphic Artist, Juan Carlos Fenu has designed these astonishing computer screen jazz themed desktops for jazz fans around the world. And best of all, they are FREE to registered visitors! Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Juan studied drawing, painting, graphic design, semiology and most recently web design. Juan has worked as an Art Director for a variety of publishing agencies and magazines. Juan also works on a free-lance basis as an illustrator for several well-know magazines. Juan is married and has two beautiful children, Juan Pablo and Agustina. When he is not working on his art, Juan enjoys soccer, reading "hardboiled" authors such as Chandler, Hammett and others, red wine and Mediterranean food. By his work, you can see that his musical tastes run the gambit of jazz.