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Chester A. Thomas

My name is Chester Allen Thomas born 10-28-1957 in Wichita, Kansas. Parents are Helen & Ulysses Thomas. I am the fifth child of nine, Two sisters and Six Brothers. while growing up my mother would sing just about every song that came on the radio. My mother had a chance to sing but she was just to shy. In 1987 and 1988 I enrolled at Wichita State University to study music, my studies were the saxophone, piano, clarinet, music theory and oral skills. I am also a photographer and was the official concert Photographer for the Oasis Smooth Jazz 105.3 radio station in Wichita Kansas. I was able to meet and photography many Jazz artists.

I have now turn my focus on composing music. Composing music gives me a outlet to express my feeling and pursue my dream in the music business. I was always influence by many great artists, but the Great Grover Washington JR. was my heart. But there are many more artists from Bucky Green to John Klemmer who i was inspired by. My approach to composing a new song is spontaneous with a wide range of different musical influences. After composing over 80 songs I joined ASCAP and started my own publishing company Saxooappeal Music Publishing Company and started Copycatt Records.

2 GOOD TO GO represents a rebirth of many different Style and combination of rhythm and a groovie bass feeling with a very energetic earthy funky beat add some saxophone and keyboard and you have a soulful jazz sound. Chester gives many thanks to the staff at WEIB Smooth Jazz 106.3 Northampton, MA for there support. And last special thanks to the great creator for making this all Possible.

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