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Chris Greco

Greco is a multi-instrumentalist/composer/performer shaped by the influences of the contemporary western/european tradition, and american jazz music. He holds a D.M.A. (UCLA) in classical saxophone performance, and has substantial professional experience in multiple jazz idioms. Equally adept performing both classical and modern jazz music, Greco's improvisational skills equally excel with his ability to interpret and perform twentieth century contemporary classical music. He holds a masters degree in composition, and he has been developing a unique body of work over the past two decades.

Trained as a multi-instrumentalist in Los Angeles, Greco has experience free lancing and recording, and was a significant contributor to the jazz culture of Los Angeles for over a decade during the late 1980's to the late 1990's. His jazz recordings from this period can be found on the independent label GWSFourwinds Records. The record logo reads "Music for the 21st Century," and he adds, "it is an artist-owned label reflecting directions in modern and avant-garde jazz."

Greco's compositions in jazz, chamber music, and contemporary classical music embrace and combine a variety of standard and contemporary techniques. He utilizes a number of compositional strategies using both standard and proportional notation, and several works are associated with philosophical ideas ("The Flight Of A Bird Leaves No Trace" Pleiadian Call/Music for Trio), and literary ideas ("Sterope"- Trane of Thought). Taken from the liner notes of the project Pleiadian Call/Music for Trio he states, "the harmonic language askews functional tonality for a more relevant and more vitally significant tonal/twelve tone synthesis."

Recognition for his work in composition include a 2001 Julius Hemphill Composition Award ("The Flight Of A Bird Leaves No Trace") and five consecutive ASCAPlus Awards (2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002) for his emerging catalog of works that "have a unique prestige value." Greco's recordings on GWSFourwinds include; Well You Needn't, Standards Vol.1, the electro-acoustic compositions of Trane of Thought, and the chamber jazz of Pleiadian Call/Music for Trio.

In addition to institutional studies, Greco studied privately with Los Angeles professionals including a five year apprenticeship with the multi-instrumentalist William Green ('80-'85). Although armed with considerable training Greco considers himself an autodidact as well because "anyone seriously interested in studying music has to be one, really; because an excellent musician today does not mean only a virtuoso on his instrument, but a virtuoso in the broadest sense, a virtuoso of music history as well, ultimately being self-guided by a compelling desire to learn and explore more, including the music of one's time."

Greco has experience as a producer with his independent label GWSFourwinds Records. Publishing and disseminating his works internationally through North Country Distributors (N.Y.) reviews for releases on GWSFourwinds Records can be found in the magazines; JazzTimes (U.S.), Jazz Hot (France), Jazz Journal International (U.K.), Cadence (U.S.); and online at, (Germany),, (U.K.), and - Nicholas Rodin

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  • Artist / Group Name: Chris Greco
  • Subtitle: Composer, Reeds
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