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Duane Carter

Biography Jazz trumpeter, composer, and arranger Duane Carter lives in Austin, Texas. Originally from California, Duane wad a product of Locke High School in South Central L.A. from which sprung such talent as Patrice Rushen, Gerald Albright, "Ndugu" Leon Chancellor, and Gary Bias. Duane has studied with jazz greats Bobby Bryant, Sr. and Oscar Brashear, as well as with studio trumpeter Ian Rasey and classical professional John Moots. While freelancing and leading his own groups around the L.A. area, he earned a B.A. in music performance from California State University, Los Angeles. Duane then became a featured soloist, composer and arranger while serving in the Army. Duane earned a Master of Arts Degree from California State University, San Bernardino in Interdisciplinary Studies - Music, Theatre, and English - focusing on writing for musical theatre.

In 2003, Duane recorded his first CD, Boundless. The CD is a mixture of styles that reflect Duane's many influences, from Bob Marley to Miles Davis. Duane calls it, "Smooth Jazz with an edge." That edge being a twist of Latin, a splash of reggae, and a generous helping of funk. Never Say Never is Duaneā€™s latest CD released in 2008 in the ISMS record label. Though this CD continues to draw upon his broad eclectic taste, Duane insists that, "this CD is quite different from the last one. I would say I stretched the boundaries even father than before." This is quite evident as you travel from one end of this recording to the other - funk, samba, rap, salsa, r & b, ambient. "I'm not one to pigeonhole; I'm about music that speaks to the soul. I wanted the music on this CD to represent some of the experiences I have encountered during my journey through life, like musical landmarks."

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  • Artist / Group Name: Duane Duane Carter Band
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