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Emmett North Jr.

Emmett North Jr. Emmett North Jr.
I started writing songs when I was in the 5th grade. I wrote a song for my teacher Mrs. Lukens' and performed it the last day of school, this was before I could play guitar. I was first introduced to playing guitar at age 9 and was shown a few licks of a blues song called 'Honky Tonk'. I later picked it up again at 12 when I began to take it more seriously. My mother, her sisters and brothers played in church, in school and my uncles the military. All of my aunts played piano & organ and my uncles played trumpet, trombone and sax. My older sister played violin and my brother started out on sax but I'm the only one who moved into the club scene and recording even though I started out in church like many people.

I had just turned 12 years old when we moved to Dayton where I grew up. I performed with many gospel singing groups as guitarist from when I was 13. I played in my first night club when I was 13 behind a blues artist called 'Piney Brown'. I also started out doing talent shows around my home town Dayton, Ohio. I was born in a little town between Dayton and Cincinnati called Middletown, Ohio. I grew up in Dayton where I was surrounded by musicians, bands, singers from gospel, blues, R&B, jazz, funk and singing groups. I had my own band when I was 17, called The Ohio Twisters.

In the army in Germany I had a band on post who performed for the battalion commander's parties, so at those times I was removed from guard duty or KP. I performed at the service clubs and I performed on the USO circuit in Germany and was paid. I also had a German band that I toured with while on leave. My mother still sings in the choir at church. I'm from the home of The Ohio Players, Roger Troutman and Zapp, Lakeside, Heat Wave, Shirley Murdock and others. I was asking to join Heat Wave in 1974 before moving to Los Angeles. I passed on it because I didn't want to move to London. I later moved to LA. to audition for Bobby Womack but was turned on to Barry White's office by Bobby's PR. man. There offices were in the same office building in West Hollywood on sunset blvd. I went to audition for Barry White and the rest is history. I first met Barry at the Soul Train Show in Hollywood in 75. I wrote songs for Barry and The Love Unlimited Orchestra. I recorded and toured with Barry from 75 to 79. I did some extra work in the first Blues Brother movie with John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd.

I've toured North America, South America & most of Europe with Barry White. From late 79 to 80 I worked with Wolfman Jack. I recorded on an album that he was singing the blues on and I was with his house band on a TV show called The Wolfman Jack Radio TV Show. It was on the Fox network across America and my uncle in Ohio taped it for me. I worked on the show with Chuck Berry for the pilot show. Through the Blues Brother film I met Isaac Hayes drummer Willie Hall whom I had met a year or two earlier through a guitarist and friend Boots who was then playing guitar for Isaac, this was like in 1972 before I moved to LA. I asked if Isaac was hiring anyone so he gave me Isaac's body guard's phone number. I called after a few days. I sent them my bio & tapes and about two to three weeks later I was flying to Atlanta,Ga. to join Isaac's band.

It was interesting the people I met including Isaac himself was very different from Barry White. When with Isaac I recorded on Linda Clifford's album Shoot Your Shot, a collaboration with Curtis Mayfield. Isaac produced the music and Curtis wrote the lyrics. I played on five songs playing parts and wah wah guitar. I've lived, toured and recorded in London with The Foundations, The Gallery of Groove, The Chosen Few, Barry Biggs, The Funkmasters and The Atlantic Soul Machine. I returned back to LA. in 1985. I saw Barry A few times after returning back to LA. and he later called me back to work for him. I left again in 1990 to pursue my career in jazz fusion and writing for other artist like The Main Ingredient singing group and others.

I have lots of new music out, four CDs In The Zone album, The Groove Ep CD, I'll Never Let You Go R&B CD, and Wrap Me In Your Love Ep CD that's hip hop / dance. You can read more about me at my website at You can purchase my music at or Atanata Records at There's probably much I've said that's not in my bio at my sight and perhaps some of this I told with more detail in some areas than at my site.

I'm in the process of releasing all the music I've written and recorded over the past twenty five years, material I've written and material I've covered. I have four more albums to be released this year. Next year I plan to release new music. I have music video tapes, my music video of Wrap Me In Your Love, me live at Molly Malones LA. and my live in Palermo, Sicily.

I hope you enjoy my music sincerely and musically,

Emmett North Jr.
Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter /Recording artist

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  • Artist / Group Name: Emmett North Jr.
  • Subtitle: Music Is My Life
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