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Francisco Echeverría

Pianist, composer, producer and jazz historian, specialized in Hard Bop. Considered by the national critics as the best guayaquilenian performer of jazz in Ecuador and, as one of the biggest diffuser of jazz in Ecuador of all times. At national / international scenes he has performed with his group in: :: II International Jazz Festival 2002 (Ecuador) :: III International Jazz Festival 2003 (Ecuador) :: International Quito Festival 2006 :: II Festival of New Orleans 2006 (Ecuador) :: I Festival Guayaquil Jazz Project 2006 :: II Festival Guayaquil Jazz Project 2007 :: III International Festival of Jazz Ecuador 2007 Backgrounds He began his musical studies from an early age. Outstandingly self-taught, at the age of 10 years he gave his first piano concert. He throughly the jazzy styles of figures as: Chick Korea, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Keith Jarret, among other. Styles Although his predominant style is Hard Bop, with admirable development Francisco Echeverria performance in all jazz styles as: Be Bop, Cool Jazz, Free Jazz, Coalition, etc., showing his prevalence in this gender. This ability, allows him a really varied selection and an alternative clear tendency which is revealed in his concerts notable hailing by the public. Academic Cultural Support As a historian of jazz, he has dictated clinics and master classes about the "ORIGINS AND ESSENCE OF JAZZ." His articles have been published in universities, websites and magazines in Ecuador. He make an aggressive campaign of jazz diffusion, of the HISTORY OF JAZZ, through clinics and conferences, forums, discussion groups, concerts and Jam Sessions. As founder-director of the Society "Amigos del Jazz", during 2003 - 2004 under the auspice of the CEN (Centro Ecuatoriano Norteamericano), he contributed to the cultural diffusion of jazz in Guayaquil. Francisco Echeverria, as academic director, enjoyed great recognition inside the III International Jazz Festival ("MAAC and the Music" Guayaquil 2003), organized by Ecuador's Central Bank. In March 2006 he participated in the International Festival Quito 2006, representing the city of Guayaquil. August 19, 2006 took part in the II Festival of New Orleans, in September Francisco Echeverria presented his new quartet in a national tour. He also integrates the committee of the University of the Arts of Ecuador, sponsored by the Technological Institute of Arts in Ecuador ITAE. At the moment he has a radial show "Apasionados por el Jazz" on 102.1 WQ Radio F.M. stereo, every Saturday at 10am, with Jose Luis Calderon. In 2006 he founded the Pro-Jazz Cultural Organization GUAYAQUIL JAZZ PROJECT and took part as director. Guayaquil Jazz Project is nowadays, the first organization in Ecuador that diffuses this style. In November of the same year, he produced with Guayaquil Jazz Project the 1st. FESTIVAL GUAYAQUIL JAZZ PROJECT 2006. Thanks to the agreements signed with MAAC CINE and Teatro Centro de Arte of Guayaquil, Francisco Echeverria with his team of collaborators, carry out jazz productions, presenting the most outstanding artists in jazz from abroad. Artistic Trajectory Inside his trajectory, Francisco Echeverria has had participations in Jam Sessions with figures of world recognition: ALBERTO MARTÍNEZ (Cuba) trumpet, MARIO LINEN FERNÁNDEZ (Cuba) percussion, DREW SALPERTO (USA) piano, CARLOS AGUIRRE (Argentina) piano, BOB DOROUGH (USA) piano, STEVE BERGER (USA) guitar, PATRICK O'LEARY (USA) bass, GARIN WEBB (USA) sax, GILAD DOBRECKY (Israel) percussion, MARCUS PRINTUP (USA) trumpet, DAVID WONG (USA) bass.

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