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G. F. Mlely

Pianist-composer G. F. Mlely has been featured artist and composer in concert, festival, and club venues throughout Europe and the United States.    In the article, "G. F. Mlely, A Trail Of Endurance" - - I wrote how in 1983 the jazz pianist-composer was on a solo piano concert tour of Europe, when midway along he received information that caused him to suddenly abandon the tour and, because of subsequent events, to leave off playing professionally for nearly two decades.

As of this writing, however, with two solo piano cd albums, Re-Entry [2000] and 88 Keys And Counting [2002], and one trio album, A Little Night Waltz [2003], Mlely has returned, and, as staff reviewer John Kelman writes in his review of A Little Night Waltz, Mlely is, quite simply, back, and with a vengeance."

In Kelman’s review of ReEntry, "Mlely is one of the few pianists out there who can extend a solo piano interpretation to seven minutes and maintain interest throughout."   Mlely challenges the notion that the new only comes from the young.   "He has literally created his own harmonic language," notes Kelman.

Such are the views and accolades - and there are many - that have been coming his way.   A couple of examples:

"A Re-Entry into Earthly experience from a different musical dimension," wrote Phyllis Lodge for of Mlely’s 2001 solo piano album, Re-Entry.   Ms Lodge is co-author with McCoy Tyner of Tyner’s forthcoming autobiography. broadcaster John Sutton says of Mlely’s 88 Keys And Counting, "I listen to thousands of jazz releases each year, many solo piano recordings and this one jumped right out ... If I had a short list of records to put in my collection this year, this would be one of the piano albums I would choose."

The list is quite extensive. Some of the international encomia can be accessed online at

Mlely is also a songwriter, writing both words and music, skills he developed during his recuperation.   His songs have been produced and recorded by artists diverse from one another as Freddie Hubbard, George Harrison, (guitarist) John Tesh, Phil Perry, The Cunninghams, the latter on a Grammy-nominated album.

G. F. Mlely is a creator of avant-garde multidisciplinary works, a few of which he describes as "dramaturgical songworks, jazz theater pieces for small spaces."   His choral compositions have premiered in Hawai’i and in Los Angeles.   A one-act musical theater piece ran 4 months onstage in San Francisco, and "Jazz Piano," a video series, ran over 2 years on Olelo Television of Hawai’i.

He is author of essays - - and commentaries - - on the art, field, and politics of jazz and songwriting.   He is author of a book, "New Music And The American Christian - A Critical Look," freely accessible online at; and author of "The 8-Tone Quarto-Modes Concept," information about which can be found at, a theoretical work which introduces a newly identified chord he proves out as the "diminished major."

Schooling includes classical composition and piano at Danmark Musikskole in Copenhagen, Denmark; orchestration and composition at Sherman School of Music in Los Angeles; political science and psychology at Rutgers University in New Jersey; and jazz piano and improvisation in private studies with Lennie Tristano in New York.

G. F. Mlely has taught courses in theory, improvisation, and songwriting in San Francisco (S.F. Community Music Center), Los Angeles, Honolulu (Pacific Songwriters Workshop), organized student jazz ensembles in New York City (Neighborhood House), Honolulu (Holy Family Catholic Academy), and in Honolulu started the nation’s first secondary-school Songwriting Workshop (Kaimuki High School). See Susan Essoyen’s feature article at

Memberships, prior and current, include the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, the Songwriters Guild of America, the Music Teachers Association of California, and the American Federation of Musicians.

Between travels, G. F. Mlely resides with his wife in Hawai’i, teaches privately, continues to write, compose, concertize, and record.

For more information, type "G. F. Mlely" into any major search engine, such as Google.

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