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Hip Graffiti

Hip Graffiti was founded on the idea that jazz is for everyone, that it should be neither elitist nor exclusionary. The true spirit of jazz welcomes both the novice and the aficionado. Hip Graffiti prides itself on producing an eclectic blend of jazz -- from sultry to playful -- to be enjoyed by all types of music lovers.

February 2005 marks the release of Hip Graffiti’s first full-length, entirely self-produced LP, This is: Hip Graffiti. The CD features 12 sensational jazz and vocal standards, two interpretations of non-jazz themes, several Brazilian beat tunes and renditions from musical icons such as Rickie Lee Jones.

The husband-and-wife team of vocalist Carol Fuller and guitarist Jay Myerson have been composing and performing together for over 14 years throughout England, Chicago and California, including the noteworthy Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. They have recorded with such all-star musicians as Steve Kujala (Chick Corea), James East (Lionel Richie) and Scott Henderson (Tribal Tech and Chick Corea).

Fuller and Myerson devote much time and energy to instructing and educating young music lovers about vocals, blending guitar rhythms and all forms of jazz music. Fuller spent two years in the United Kingdom where she instructed music students and sang with a trio band. Upon her return to the States, Fuller served in a key vocal instruction position at the Los Angeles Music Academy. Equally impressive, Myerson, the youngest student ever to be accepted to the prestigious Musicians Institute in California, has taught classical, jazz and contemporary guitar at Lake Forest College.

Myerson and Fuller currently run NoteFarm Recording Studios in Oceanside, where they record both the music of Hip Graffiti and other local musicians. For more information about Hip Graffiti, visit or contact Meryl Klemow at 619-291-1234.

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