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Jeff Shurdut

PROPHETIC, charged, and challenging. "Unique an intellect, provocateur," says Cecil Taylor. Shurdut is at times a study in contradiction. An abstract artist who considers himself a realist, Shurdut says, "Nothing is more abstract than reality." Jeffrey Shurdut's work is charged and challenging. It comes from the heart and the intellect. His subject is an amalgam of Psychology, Sex, Race, Religion, Politics, and Patriotism. "Society" and, it is even likely that, expectation have played into being among his biggest influences, while anxiety and the great manic urbanite have also been sited and caged behind Shurdut's suburban white fences. Even so, it is heavily speculated that there was nothing more influential than his living abroad, forcing him to identify with something other than art. "Facing yourself is when true art is born." Shurdut continues, "Art is nothing without those other things which make up art." Shurdut has been documented by the New York Times, WLIWTV "Metro Arts", and several publications abroad. Mr. Shurdut has most recently been recognized by The New York State Council on The Arts. He has been Photographed by Clemens Kalisher, and called "Unique," and, "An intellect, provocateur," by Cecil Taylor. Shurdut received the Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Art Instillation Grant Award for 1993. He has lived in Denmark (1995-6), served as an Artist in Resident of Sweden and Norway (1999), and collaborated with Avant Garde Luminaries Billy Bang of The Sun Ra Arkestra, Daniel Carter of The Cecil Taylor Unit, Lenore Von Stein of 1687 (2002), and Abstract Expressionist Erland Cullberg(1999). Jeff Shurdut is the first of record to paint thematically while in performance with live jazz. Exhibitions include: Prisoner of Hope (Prisoner to Freedom), White N-gger, and American Holocaust. Patrons include K. Crohn.

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