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Keely Smith

Keely Smith and her lovely jazz vocals have endured for many a year now, and she has rightfully earned the title, "The Queen of Swing." Her voice is amazing, and the songs she sang in the 1950s with Louis Prima in Las Vegas are still in style!

In addition to her CD release, "Swing, Swing, Swing," she now has "Keely Sings Sinatra." A lifelong friend of Sinatra, whose nickname for her was "Injun,'" Keely offers the audience a collection of Sinatra songs her way and in tribute to the man. For jazz historians, it is a reference point to recall Keely recorded several duets with Frank Sinatra during the 1960s.

Keely Smith also enjoyed success in film roles, such as "Thunder Road" co-starring with actor Robert Mitchum, among other films. Her performances always conveyed feeling and depth.

An enduring icon over the decades, Keely Smith continues to entertain, and to give some of the finest jazz vocal performances available. There is nobody like Keely Smith in the jazz world, for she is one of a kind, a special lady with a special talent and still going strong. Keely Smith is Keely Smith. There is a sense of sharing and direct connection with the audience when she sings, as if she is singing this one for you and you along with all the stops out and full-steam ahead. Keely Smith makes each member in the audience feel special with her voice, whether singing a love ballad, a swing song, or a jazz blues rendition. She is a remarkable singer in contemporary jazz.

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