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Miles Davis

MILES DAVIS. When you hear his name, what do you think of first? Of course he was forefront in the jazz world, but what comes to mind? He did live in the fast lane, and he did make fantastic news for the media, and he was a ladies man, and he was controversial many times.......but again, what comes to mind about him? If you are like most jazz listeners who admired his music, the first thing that comes to mind is: This genius of the trumpet can play anything with perfection!

Miles Davis was born in Illinois during 1926 and went to New York at age 18. He learned and played with the Charlie Parker Quintet, and was early influenced by saxophonist Gerry Mulligan.

Many critics would agree that Miles Davis produced a beautiful bell-like clearness in the high register which gave his musical expressions such sensitivity, and oftentimes, pure aggressiveness of approach! That Miles Davis was one of a kind trumpet player is without doubt. That he was one of the 20th Century great trumpet players is agreed upon by all who listened to his performances. Davis experimented with many jazz modes, and placed his mark of unique individuality upon each.

Although he died in 1991, he left behind an enduring body of work that continues to be in demand today. Among his classic work is "Birth Of The Cool," originally issued on Capitol Records; "Bag's Groove," originally issued on Prestige Records; "Kind of Blue," originally issued on Columbia Records; "The Complete Concert," originally issued on Columbia Records; "Bitches Brew," originally issued on Columbia Records, among many others.

Before his death, he authored an autobiography. Miles Davis was a legend, a controversial one, and a great one. All of his trumpet work is a living work of art in jazz expression.

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