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Simone Guiducci

Simone Guiducci,Italian guitarist and composer,was encouraged by trumpeter ENRICO RAVA (they met in 1993),to realize his first record as the leader of a quintet, in which there were, besides RAVA ,FURIO DI CASTRI at the double-bass :in the record of his debut, called "NEW FLAMENCO SKETCHES", the guitarist used both the acoustic and the electric instrument. Guiducci felt an urgency to gain a more original and compact "sound" so he founded a new stable group, exclusively acoustic, the GRAMELOT ENSEMBLE, were Guiducci developed his bent for music of "roots", greatly inspired to structures of Italian folk music.

With his new group, Guiducci work about his own compositions with the collaboration of sardinian trumpeter PAOLO FRESU in the first CD with the programmatic title "GRAMELOT"(1995) and with accordionist GIANNI COSCIA, in the record "SCIARIVARI"(1996). With this second work Guiducci obtained an important recognition by the specialized critics, that placed him at the second position in the TOP JAZZ referendum, in the competition reserved to the Italian best emerging talents. From 1998, Guiducci made more frequent his Gramelot's concert-activity going deep into the collaborations with KENNY WHEELER, GIANLUIGI TROVESI and PAOLO FRESU, and work over a CD, titled "CANTADOR" (2000),by Italian label FELMAY, which produced relevant reviews by magazine like JAZZMAN (France), ALL ABOUT JAZZ (USA) etc. After a 2001-issue "Django's Jungle" for World Series Splasch 2001(with gipsy violin player Florin Niculescu, clarinet player Chrees Speed and trumpeter Kyle Gregory ), a CD completely dedicated to the music of Django Reinhardt, Guiducci's 2002 new CD "CHORALE" is a work with Gramelot and guest like RALPH ALESSI on trumpet, ERIK FRIEDLANDER at cello, Neapolitan vocalist MARIA PIA DE VITO, CHRIS SPEED at clarinet, NICOLAS SIMION at soprano sax.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Simone Guiducci
  • Subtitle: Folk Jazz from Italy
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