Asha Brodie

Asha Brodie

A little bit of R&B and funk is good for the soul, but when it's peppered with smooth jazz textures, then you've got some of the best feel-good sounds around.

The seven member group of the Urban Jazz Coalition (UJC) is a group that displays the musical hybrid and they are really "bringing it" on with their latest CD Down to Get Up.

On this 12 track CD, I can basically handpick a few tracks that are indeed chart-topping candidates. Now that's what I'm talking about! …

Legendary Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis' pensive look on his album and CD jackets were always interpreted by the media as dark, mysterious and any other adjectives like the aforementioned that you can think about.

But talking to his nephew Vincent Wilburn, Jr. recently, he paints a different picture. "Uncle Miles was very humorous and was not the "prince of darkness" that people perceived him to be. Matter of fact, he hated it when they called him that. He wasn't recluse or dark either. He had a …

If you were one to look up the definition of the phrase "musician's musician", chances are you will see Andy Narell's picture next to it. In fact, a few years ago, this writer had an interview with R&B singer Phil Perry who admitted that he was an Andy Narell fan and raved about the fact that he had some of Narell's music in his collection. Truly, Mr. Perry is not alone on being sold on Narell's music.

Indeed, Andy Narell is bubbling over with talent and a passion for pan-jazz musi …

Wayne Wallace is an extremely busy musician. With the release of his two CDs a few weeks ago, The Reckless Search for Beauty and Dedication, the Latin and straight ahead jazz trombonist still finds the time to wear the hats of composer, arranger and educator. And as if that were not enough, he has added CEO to his title as the person behind the burgeoning Patois recording label.

Wayne Wallace is truly a musical connoisseur who has sampled varied musical gen …

The Marsalis name has always been synonymous with Jazz music and some good ole’ Nawlings sound. Those Marsalis boys -- Wynton, Branford, Jason and Delfeayo have followed in the footsteps of patriarch Ellis for a sound that is uniquely theirs.

Delfeayo plays the trombone. It's an instrument he admits he has had a love affair with for years.
"It suits my personality. It’s mellow and suits me fine and I feel as if I’m connected to it in some way.
"It’s great to be a trombone," M …

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