Barry Watson

Barry Watson

Over a period of about 25 years, I became a great fan and friend of Jazz Clarinettist Randy Colville. Randy was an unassuming man, like most of the truly great players are, but his musical knowledge and talent were light years ahead of most of his piers. Apart from his own band the "Colville collection" Randy played with the greatest of British Jazz musicians and was admired by them all.

He played for many years with the "Midnight follies Orchestra" The Alan Elsdon band, plus with at times, t …


Dick Morrissey

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For those of you who are lovers of Jazz Saxophone, the name of Dick Morrissey MUST be at the top of your list of all time great players.

Born just 60 years ago in Horley, Surrey, just down the road from the international Gatwick Airport England, Dick was a unique human being.......and that's not just my opinion, believe me!. Dick had been suffering from spinal cancer for about 7 years prior to his passing. I am, for my sins, a "Small works General Builder"- with a passion for great Jazz. Dick …