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Michael Cooke

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The multi-instrumentalist Michael Cooke is a composer of Jazz and Classical music. This two time Emmy and Louis Armstrong Jazz Award winner plays a variety of instruments, you will hear him play soprano, alto & tenor sax, flute, soprano & bass clarinet, bassoon and percussion. Michael started playing jazz in High school where he played for homeless shelters in Atlanta. A cum laude music graduate University of North Texas, Michael has played in Europe, Mexico and all over the United State …
San Francisco, CA; Black Hat Records is proud to announce it’s fourth release: an indefinite suspension of the possible (Black Hat Records BH-1004) by Cooke Quintet.

Cooke Quintet is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and draws upon the inspiration and creative energy of multi-cultural and diverse music from around the world and from inside and outside the American and European jazz and avant-garde traditions. CQ's approach to acoustic jazz allows for a new freedom