Bruce Anderson

Bruce Anderson

Vocalists in big band recordings often seem to hide or are hidden behind a wash of horns and texture. Fay has a pure, beautiful voice and she doesn’t hide anywhere on this …
If you have spent any time listening to jazz in New York, guitarist Peter Bernstein will be a familiar name. If Peter Bernstein isn’t familiar to you, then by all means che…
Based on the long line braving the cold wind outside the Blue Note on Saturday, mine is probably a minority opinion but I’ve got to call it like I hear it. Ms. Monheit’s recent performance at the Blue Note left me wishing I’d taken a seat at the bar where I could have made a beeline for the door after a couple tunes. Along with a drink, I’d have enjoyed those first few numbers out of curiosity. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough content, soul, or feeling to make an entire set. No amount of Ms. M