Bruce Pulver

Bruce Pulver

AHH!!! Music with a purpose!!! Captured "in the moment" at Birdland in New York City on August 8th, 2004, the setting is live and Natalie Douglas captures a "real perfor…
At first pass, the instrumental lineup on "Fragment" (Guitar, Bass, Drums and Winds) begs a big OH NO!!! Is this a "strap yourself in fo…

No excuses Nashville! You have the top shelf, Nashville Jazz Orchestra (NJO) now performing LIVE Big Band Jazz every Tuesday night at the French Quarter Café in East Nashville. First note at 7pm, you catch two mind-blowing sets and be on your way home by 9:30pm. The minimal cover charge of $10.00 and no drink minimum is a perfect value for today’s entertainment dollar, especially if want a sample of what big band music is all about. Once you hear it, be fair warn

The early what, gets the what? The riddle is simply to make a point. The early Parker (Charlie Parker as in the BIRD) gets the Frank Sinatra (as in CHAIRman of the Board). From the first downbeat, 8:30pm on Monday June 1st, until the final notes went silent, Cafe290 was standing room only. Why? The crowd came to hear Big Band Jazz? What are you kidding? No joke. This is not your Grandfather's music. No bubble m

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