Don Williamson

Don Williamson

The Manhattan Transfer came to Columbus on May 22, and they went away as popular as ever with their followers in Ohio’s Capitol City. As Tim Hauser mentioned, seemingly without exaggeration, The Manhattan Transfer has played the Palace Theater more often than any other in the country and that doesn’t include the quartet’s appearances at the Ohio Theater and the Columbus Zoo. A glance at the audience suggested that these were fans who have been listening to The Manhattan Transfer for years, from
As part of his nationwide tour to promote his latest Blue Note release, Jason Moran Presents the Bandwagon, Moran's trio visited Columbus, Ohio for the first time, and it wasn't quite what they expected. On the other hand, the people who attended Moran's astounding performance found that his trio wasn't quite what they expected either...unless they were already familiar with his steadily growing discography. After the concert, a line of audience members formed to buy Moran's CD's at the t
In three short years, Tony Monaco has gained nationwide attention for his deep groove and over-the-top energy on the Hammond B-3 organ. Unmistakably evident on his four Summit Records releases, his overflowing enthusiasm for the instrument reaches even higher levels when he performs before an audience. Every time. Perpetually in motion as he plays, Monaco’s arms flail, his body sways, his feet dance over the pedals, and his head twists as governed by the music he plays as it appears to po
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