Los Angeles, CA Lynne Fiddmont may be an unfamiliar name to some, but in music circles frequented by the elite creators of Pop, R&B and Contemporary Jazz she’s a "go to" Professional Singer that you hire if you want to get it right the first time.  After years of session and background work and a career that by any yardstick would be considered extraordinary, Lynne launched the imprint MidLife Records to release her own musical explorations. 2006 saw the highly regarded set Flow and th

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Have you heard K.Son's "Now &Forever" Digital CD? I was truly impressed by this newcomer to the R&B/Soul/Smooth Jazz scene. He's got an awesome voice reminiscent of Ne-yo, Seal or maybe Montel Jordan. I first heard the killer single "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" on Solar Radio. His rendition of the song once made famous by "Tears for Fears" includes his soulful vocals, a raging guitarist &bass player, and an unexpected hip hop riff. The video is great - check it out at: http://