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Brenda Earle

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JAZZREVIEW: I’ve listened to your album Happening, and I like it very much. You have a very good band, and a nice sound with the Saxophone and strings. However, on the song that you sing with Julie Hardy, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic I can’t tell you two apart.

BRENDA EARLE: That’s interesting isn’t it?

JAZZREVIEW: Yes it is. It’s just that I thought I would be able to tell you apart, having listened to her album so often and I can’t.


Labyrinth is the third album by jazz pianist Kerry Politzer. Of her music Kerry Politzer says "improvisation over a melody and changes, it definitely is that." To me it is some strikingly good straight ahead jazz with Brazilian and classical influences.

On her third CD "Labyrinth" Kerry plays piano and has composed all ten of the works. She is accompanied by a first rate group of musicians: Andrew Rathbun, soprano and tenor sax; Chris Higgins, bass; George Colligan, drums.


This past summer I had the great experience of speaking with Luther Hughes, who plays a hot acoustic bass and has put together the remarkable Cannonball-Coltrane Project. I saw this exciting band at Founder’s Hall at the Orange County Performing Arts center and bought their self-titled album. The Project’s members on Luther Hughes and the Cannonball-Coltrane Project are Luther on Bass; Glenn Cashman on Tenor sax; Bruce Babad on alto sax; Ed Czach on piano; Paul K …


Gregg August

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Ann Braithwaite of Braithwaite and Katz Communications sent me an email asking if I would like to receive a copy of Gregg August's first album as leader entitled Late August. I replied, "Yes send it to me." It arrived and I put it into the CD player and then had to stop everything I was doing and just listen. Late August is contemporary jazz in the straight-ahead style with a Latin flavor. After listening to the CD a few times, I called Ann and asked if I could int …

Donning a blue wig and performing a whacky improvisation of a very senior citizen awaiting her boyfriend’s arrival, the absolutely comedic woman on the youtube video is obviously blessed with talent. Miss MacKenzie’s performance was repeated, in part, last Valentine’s Day as she delighted the patrons of New York City’s Cornelius Street Café. This time, she had an accomplice in a jazz artist by the name of Dave Devoe. Miss MacKenzie’s is the alter ego of the very talented and equally beautif …

Friday Evening October 7, 2005 at Founders Hall in the Orange County Performing Arts Center, Costa Mesa, California, Dee Dee Bridgewater opened a two-night, four-set stand as part of the tenth season of the Jazz Club Series. Dee Dee has just released J’ai Deux Amours, a remarkable album from its retro packaging and glamour photography to the eleven very memorable songs sung for the most part in French. The CD includes liner notes of the highest caliber …

Michael Feinstein and George Shearing have just released an album on Concord Records entitled "Hopeless Romantics" [catalog 2152] that combines their unique vocal and piano stylings with the beautiful music of unsung composer, Harry Warren.

Michael Feinstein was introduced to Harry Warren by Ira Gershwin, for whom he worked as a secretary. After his introduction, Michael spent many days hanging out with Harry whom he says, "was something of a grandfather and a mentor." …


Claire Ritter

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On June 24, 2005 I had the distinct, pleasant opportunity to speak with composer, pianist Claire Ritter, about her recent album, "Greener Than Blue," and about some current and future projects that she is working on. Prior to speaking with Claire, I listened to the album several times, featuring seventeen original pieces of music, sixteen of which Claire wrote. It is an album that is immediately appealing and that grows more so with each listening.

Claire is joined by some remarka …


Julie Hardy

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Julie Hardy is a vocalist who is on a journey to take her chosen instrument to its limit. Using words, phrasing, scatting and vocal instrument duplication to make the voice functions in unique and innovative ways, she is traveling a road that promises to be aurally stunning. Julie’s voice is round, smooth and used with imagination and impressive control.

Julie started her musical career as a classical pianist, but in college she discovered that voice is her instrument. Julie studied compositi …

Friends and I were able to catch the first set of a two-night stand by the James Carter Quartet. The jazz at Founder’s Hall is always top-notch, but the James Carter Quartet decided to add some new notches at the top of scale with what was a killer six-song, ninety minute set.

James Carter, dressed like he was headed for a GQ fashion shoot, led his fellow musicians on stage carrying an armful of gleaming horns. Drummer Leonard King came on stage sporting an electric smile and dreadlock

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