Glenn Astarita

Glenn Astarita

Indonesian guitarist Tohpati, revered for his work with the ensemble simakDIALOG, tenders a captivating mission, pronouncing a rapidly-paced slant on Indo jazz-rock. The premise for this album underscores a positive aspect that communicates an upbeat outlook and musically diverse course of action. Here, the musicians engineer a poetic manifesto based on our collective environments. Featuring memorably melodic grooves and radiant interplay with flutist Diki Suwarjiki, the music seamlessly coal
Well-traveled bassist Michael Formanek and his band-mates, here on The Rub and Spare Change, are accelerators of the new jazz with roots in New York City amid collaborations in the US and abroad for over three decades. An interesting composer and consummate idea man, Formanek highlights his cunning compositional prowess with this debut solo effort for ECM Records. The division of labor in this release equates to a program that builds upon the players’ individual strengths and voices. Formanek
In the early 1970’s, Emerson, Lake & Palmer helped accelerate the burgeoning progressive-rock movement with dazzling technical acumen and a distinct convergence of classical, jazz and fundamental rock basics. They sold millions of LPs, although their elaborate and showy stage antics, at times diminished the band’s relevance. Ultimately, the world took notice and the trio developed a huge following. However, prog and fusion took a downturn in the early 80s to new forms of rock and a prisma
There’s more than meets the eyes and ears on this 2010 release by gifted trumpeter Peter Evans and his superfine band. In the liners, Evans states his plight which may be akin to rummaging through a salvage yard and retrofitting parts from classic cars into high--performance racers. It’s a stylistic methodology as the artist derives components from timeless standards by Jerome Kern and the piece “ICP,” which references the fabled and cutting-edge European band ICP Orchestra, among other comp
Among the wealth of archival material released during present times, this combo CD+DVD product looms as a rather scintillating entry into the band’s storied discography. The live session denotes never before released material, culled from Germany’s "NDR Jazz Workshop,” recorded in 1973. And as the press release cites, the album marks one of the earliest shows by this incarnation of the band, supplemented by guitarist Gary Boyle (Isotope) and saxophonist Art Themen. Moreover, the accompanying

One of the preeminent soprano saxophonists in modern jazz, Jane Ira Bloom possesses more than just technique.  Few jazz artists are able to project a distinct or personalized sound.  For example, most ardent jazz aficionados would be able to identify her in a Downbeat magazine style blindfold test.  Once again, Bloom imparts memorable compositions, underscored with sinuous developments and a prevalent sense of intrigue.

Adventurous expressionism is a key factor within semi-structured or avant jazz-based endeavors.  With their second quartet outing for Intakt Records, pianist Sylvie Courvoisier and violinist Mark Feldman cover a gamut of articulately designed modes of interaction.  Introspective, sublime and occasionally foreboding, the quartet engineers a potpourri of delicacies, all executed with a deterministic modality.

Even by modern-day standards, jazz piano trios are not customarily designed with sheer firepower and a gargantuan rhythmic presence.   On this album set for USA release in June 2011, Japanese pianist Hiromi fuses her energized musical persona with revered artists, bassist Anthony Jackson and drummer Simon Phillips. 

The album title may not intimate that there are quite a few intricacies going on under-the-hood. Essentially, venerable jazz guitarist Bruce Arnold reformulates and reengineers customary time signatures with manipulations of standard blues forms. However, from a sky-view, it's an album that is nestled within progressive-jazz stylizations. But Arnold's numerous slants and acute rhythmic permutations generate an irrefutable contrast to the norm.

This historical and worthy reissue from the original 1975 Incus LP parlays the vibrant, British free-jazz/improvisational scene of the era. With saxophonist Evan Parker,…