Jackson Family And Dan Del Fiorentino

Jackson Family And Dan Del Fiorentino


Chubby Jackson Dies at 84

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Jazz Bassist and Scat Singer Chubby Jackson died in Rancho Bernardo, California on Oct 1, 2003 just shy of his 85th birthday.

Chubby was often called the cheer leader of Jazz for his enthusiasm and humor that was so much a part of his musical career. He was respected for his incredible energy on and off the bandstand. His death came after a long battle with kidney failure and cancer.

In a statement from his Florida home, Chubby's son, drummer Duffy Jackson said, " t is my sincere honor t …

New York City ~ The Jazz Network Worldwide opened its doors in January of 2008 where creator Jaijai Jackson, jazz radio personality and daughter of legendary jazz bassist "Chubby" Jackson took on the challenge of launching a social network primarily for the Jazz industry to network worldwide.  With no real experience running a website much less, understanding what it constituted, Jaijai tightened her bootstraps and ‘dug in’ to create a platform that would garner relationships that would be re …

The Jazz Network Worldwide, one of the largest social networking communities for jazz on the internet has launched a campaign "Heal A Life With Love" honoring the life of vocalist, musician, educator Armsted Christian who has been stricken by sarcoidosis. Understanding the importance of focusing on life one voice at a time when it comes to monumental threatening conditions. "As a community that is soul-based in its improvisational creativity, we must create a song that resonates worldwide, to su