John Goto

John Goto

Jazz greats of the 20th Century are being brought back to the streets of London today through a collaboration between a University of Derby artist and a technical wizard. Renowned artist Professor John Goto's series of photo artworks West End Blues: Jazz Migrants in London 1919-1974 shows silhouettes of jazz musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Art Pepper and Sidney Bechet against the real London music spots they once played at. Mobile phone users can now bring those same silhouette images up o


West End Blues

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John Goto’s newly launched web presentation, ‘West End Blues’, is a tribute to migrant jazz musicians who played in London’s West End between 1919-74. Goto begins his story with Sidney Bechet, who appeared at the Royal Philharmonic Hall in 1919 as the 'blues specialist' in Will Marion Cook's large concert band, the 'Southern Syncopated Orchestra'. It was here that Swiss conductor Ernest Ansermet heard them play, and in his review famously referred to Bechet as 'an extraordinary clarinet virtu