Katrina-Kasey Wheeler

Katrina-Kasey Wheeler

In 2002 Bradley Quick created The Cool Change Foundation a non-profit foundation to carry the message of positive change, recovery, motivation, and life enhancement to a broad demographic that might not otherwise receive it. Bradley Quick’s Los Angeles based radio show, Help Your Self, airs weekly on KRLA 870 AM, which often features various celebrity guests, authors, and specialists.

On June 1st, I attended the Cool Change Live recovery benefit concert and expo. The amazing lineup for


Kevin Yost

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Kevin Yost is a Waynesboro Pennsylvania native. At the age of eleven he developed an interest in House music and started DJing at school parties, dances, and the like. Kevin was a very musical child, his love for music specifically drums and piano was fostered during this time. Growing up in such a rural town with limited opportunities to further his ability both catapulted and compelled him to study at the Berklee College of Music. He later went on to study at the Shenandoah Conservat

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