Lawrence Williams

Lawrence Williams

Female jazz vocalists seem all the rage at the moment, yet despite this fact, few seem to gain much attention from the general public. How many people have heard the nam…
Over the years, jazz vocals seem to have been exclusively female territory. However, with the recent (and dubious) success of Rod Stewart’s standard albums, there seem to h…
The worlds of pop and jazz have always mingled, especially among vocalists. In the ‘40s and ‘50s, such musical icons as Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald were quite adept at straddling both idioms. Today we have artists like Antia Baker, Sting and Nora Jones, who expertly incorporate a variety of genres in their music. Now add vocalist Veronica Martell to that list.

On her latest CD, "The Art Of Intimacy" (Apria Records), pop and jazz fuse together in a seamless fashion to create a …

April 2005 At the tender age of 22, Austrian vocalist, Simone Kopmajer (pronounced Cop-myer), possesses a voice of incredible depth. Unlike the current staple of young pop singers being groomed for instant accessibility, Kopmajer’s approach to a song is understated sincerity. Her new album, "Romance" hits American shores on May 3rd.

Since she resides in her homeland, our interview was conducted through the modern miracle of email. When she sent back the answers to my interview questions, she …


Tony DeSare

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Tony DeSare hits the top ten jazz charts with his 2007 sophomore Telarc release Last First Kiss, delighting listeners even more so than with his first Telarc debut release in 2006, Want You.

DeSare isn’t just a vocal pianist, he is an exciting new songwriter of the first order, and his new CD is testimony to that fact. Filled with luscious compositions of his own and reinvented standards, DeSare lures his listeners from the first kiss to heartfelt flights in a wa …


Lea DeLaria

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Lea DeLaria is one of the hippest jazz singers around.

Her innate skills and deep love of standards shine through on The Live Smoke Sessions. Unlike her first two CDs, which offered innovative twists of Broadway tunes and rock songs, the latest effort has DeLaria taking on classic jazz numbers. In creating an album that recalls the great live jazz recordings of the 1950s, DeLaria has created her most personal record to date.

She swings and scats hard with guest voca …