Lee Frankel

Lee Frankel

On Friday, January 18th, legendary organ master Jimmy Smith will be playing his only NJ area concert at The Crossroads of Garwood. Jimmy Smith was born James Oscar Smith on December 8, 1928 in Norristown, Pennsylvania. An early glimpse into his future came at the age of nine when he took first prize in the Major Bowes Amateur Hour radio show, playing boogie-woogie piano. At 12, he was performing with his father around Philadelphia in a hot song and dance act.

After some time in the Navy, Smit …

The CROSSROADS proudly presents the one and only STANLEY JORDAN live onstage on MAY 10, 2002. Special Guest: Will Calhoun

TRYING TO DESCRIBE STANLEY JORDAN IN SIMPLE TERMS is like trying to explain Einstein's Theory of Relativity in ten words or less. No matter what you say, you'd be leaving a lot out. And yet, that is probably what you've already done if you haven't heard the whole story. Best known as a guitarist who has made major technical and musical contributions to his instrument, Sta …