Lee Prosser

Lee Prosser

Colin Grant has written an impressive book in his historical look at the Wailer's history, and The Natural Mystics: Marley,Tosh, and Wailer shines with insightful gems about Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer. This book reveals the importance of their music on a world-wide scale. Additionally, the reader is given an in-depth tour of the neo-African religions and animist cults of Jamaica.

Light My Fire is Eliane Elias at her best and perfectly reflects her great talent as a composer, singer, songwriter and pianist. There are twelve songs on this excellent collection. Among the songs are found "Rosa Morena," "Stay Cool," "Aquele Abraco," "Light My Fire," "Silver Sandal," "My Cherie Amour," "Toda Menina Baiana," "Bananeira," "Made in Moonlight," "Turn To Me," "Take Five," and "What About the Heart."Having followed the musical career of Eliane Elias since the late 1980s, she has a
All Things Must Converge is a memorable listening experience, and the orginal jazz compositions are well-conceived, lively, and enjoyable listening. Al Garcia plays guitars, and other instruments, and these songs are his creation.Al Garcia has a big, lovely talent, and it is much in evidence with this collection. The CD features eight songs. They include "Labyrinth," "The Eternal Cycle," the memorable "Lingua Franca" with its intriguing harmony, "A Distant Mirror," "Two Shakes," "As Luck Would H
The Fred Hess Big Band has a winner on its hands with the innovative big band CD collection, Into The Open. The collection shines with its intricate approaches and right-on performances.With the exception of the Jean Bardy/Denny Goodhew song, "See You" (Illuma Soma), all other songs are by composer Fred Hess. There are eight songs with a total playing time of 65:27 minutes. The imaginative song list contains such big band gems as "Sooz Blooz," "Home Bass," "See You" (Illuma Soma), "Norman's Gold
Point of No Return is truly an exceptional journey in jazz listening with its original compositions by pianist Michel Reis. Listening to Michel Reis is akin to listening to a most perfect combination of jazz stylings by such pianists as Danilo Perez, Andre Previn, and Bill Evans, topped by the special creative touch of Michel Reis. Michel Reis has an unique jazz piano sound, and his place in the realm of jazz pianists is assured, as heard in this fine collection. This CD collection will discover
Cote D'Azur is a fascinating collection of jazz music that will light up your listening time with much joy, entertainment, and fun. The musicians are very imaginative in both their solo work and group work.What makes this an outstanding jazz CD is its unusual blend of jazz motifs, world music motifs, and the influence of contemporary French jazz. There are ten great original songs in the collection. Among them are found "Cote D'Azur," Le Calypso," "Bandol," "Sainte Maxime," "Postcard From Cannes
Let's Touch the Sky is Fourplay's 12th CD since they made their jazz debut in 1991, and it is one of their finest to date. A remarkably smooth collection, this is straight-ahead/classic jazz at its very best.If you enjoy Fourplay, you will enjoy this lovely collection of fresh material. The jazz is alive, and the performances are filled with verve and intimacy.There are eleven songs in the collection. "Let's Touch the Sky," "3rd Degree," "More Than a Dream," "Pineapple Getaway," "I'll Still Be L
Follow Your Heart is a memorable reading experience. It should reach a wide reading audience, and for those who are new to the wonderful jazz guita...
Anil Prasad is a highly insightful author, and he captures perfectly the feelings of his subjects in the well-written Innerviews: Music Without Bor...
Alice Echols has written a fine nonfiction look at the American decade of the 1970s and how Disco affected and influenced the culture of America. A...
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