Myron Black

Myron Black

Fernando Huergo is an acclaimed pioneer in the Latin jazz realm. He is often on the bandstand with Marta Gomez, Guillermo Klein and his own band, Jazz Argentino. Fernando was born in northern Argentina, and moved to Boston in the early 90's, where he's lived since then, although he often does gigs in the New york area. What makes this bass player really interesting is the new wave of grooves he has introducd in the scene: An Argentine Chacarera and Tango sound played on the bass! This guy uses s …
"Duende" by Alvaro Is Rojas is a reminder of the European origin of the people behind what we know today as "Latin" music. While Latin music itself is a Pan-American phenomenon, a part of its origin lies in Spain and Portugal, whose folk music still has resemblance to most non-swing type grooves in jazz.

Duende refers to the Spanish term used in performing arts, especially Flamenco. The meaning of duende as in tener duende (having duende or "having soul") is a rarely-explained - yet recog