Randall Parrish

Randall Parrish

The Chrome Showroom located inside the Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino in northwest Las Vegas was the intimate venue for an exceptional evening of contemporary jazz music as saxophone showman Michael Lington performed for a sold-out crowd. The event was a concert/party in celebration of the release of Pure, his scintillating new album.

Nice Talk is the title of the intriguing debut from the jazz trio that goes by the moniker of The Hot @ Nights.  Three piece jazz combos are not highly unusual, but the curious instrumental combination utilized by The Hot @ Nights is an unusual blend.

Under the Sun is the title of the outstanding contemporary jazz release on Patrick's Song Factory from the masterful keyboardist/composer Patrick Bradley.  His initial solo release, Come Rain or Shine, appeared four years ago serving as the artist's formal introduction.  On Under the Sun the artist has emancipated all his enormous creative chops to craft a modern tour de force that provides gratifying classy excellence throughout. 

Monika Herzig is a supremely talented jazz pianist/composer/arranger who was born in a small village in Germany.  Upon obtaining the chance to come to the United States on a student exchange program, she seized the opportunity to further her jazz studies and now has merited a prestigious position teaching music at Indiana University.  Her new enchanting CD is titled Come With Me, and includes a DVD which features several live performances and penetrating background information and interviews with both herself and fellow musicians.  The CD exhibits a profound harmonic density with the music manifesting itself on many levels; much like the multiple layers of skin on an onion.

After a couple decades of making inspiring contemporary jazz to critical acclaim the esteemed ensemble has decided now is the perfect time to take a look back and showcase some of the quality music that has characterized the group’s recording existence. On the new release, Back InThe Dayz – Airborne Anthology, the group undertakes a musical retracing with a generous helping of fourteen re-mastered/re-edited classic tracks from their prior seven releases on the Tilt Records label in addition to
Sending My Love is the fitting title of the splendidly captivating contemporary jazz release on Peak Records & Concord Music Group from accomplished guitarist Norman Brown. Although Brown is indeed most prominently a superlative guitarist, he also expertly excels at songwriting and from time to time bestows his urban rooted silky-smooth vocals to provide spice and variation to his music. Norman Brown is not a newcomer to making pleasing smooth contemporary jazz recordings saturated with rh
Contemporary jazz saxophone icon Dave Koz has recently released his first CD for the Concord Music Group entitled Hello Tomorrow. Two decades of recording and touring extensively (on many occasions billed as “Dave Koz and Friends”) has helped lay the requisite groundwork for this superb masterpiece. Superlatively and exactingly produced by the renowned duo of Concord Music Group veteran ace producer John Burk and Grammy winner Marcus Miller, Dave follows the doctrine that he conveys in his lin
Eclecticism – Drawing from a plethora of grooves/styles from around the world.The above definition of the title of the first release from fo/mo/deep is provided on the back cover of the group’s new CD. Also included on the CD cover is a self-characterization by fo/mo/deep that reads “An Eclectic Groove Oriented – Funky Jazz Collective.” That assessment is concise and sums up their mission astutely. fo/mo/deep is a vibrant jazz collective which utilizes their dynamic rhythm section to keep th
Eclecticism - Drawing from a plethora of grooves/styles from around the world.The above definition of the title of the first release from fo/mo/deep is provided o…
Possessing the uniquely elite gift of deeply "feeling" every note he writes and plays, Nils, the multi-talented Munich born guitarist, has yet again given his followers …
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