Shelda Eason

Shelda Eason

Southern Fried Chicken, Louisiana Blackened Catfish and Sweet Potato Salad are not the only items Londel’s is serving this summer. The Coco Rouzier Quartet is the main course for the Jazz Friday venue, performing their style of "straight ahead jazz" to a hungry crowd of jazz enthusiasts on Friday, July 19th and Saturday, July 20th.

The Coco Rouzier Quartet is a four-member jazz band led by Coco Rouzier on vocals, Tim Baylis on Piano, Yoshi Wakee on Bass and Noel Paris on Drums. The quartet has …

August 20, 2002, Westchester, NY You can get your kicks on Route 66, but when it comes to jazz in Westchester, everyone’s taking Route 133 to the 17 Main Restaurant and Jazz Club in Mount Kisco, New York to hear the Coco Rouzier Quartet belt out great jazz tunes on Friday, September 6th.

Described as a classic jazz sound, the band’s groove is full of loving lyrics and red hot tunes, inviting listeners to experience their traditional sound put to timeless standards such as Route 66, Blue M …


Cast Your Vote For Coco

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September 16, 2002, Washington, D.C. Election time is happening and there is one candidate who reaches across all the party lines. A room full of Democrats, Republicans and Liberals will be listening to classic jazz led by singer Coco Rouzier and her quartet at the historical Bohemian Caverns on Friday, September 27th.

Packed with as much powerful stage presence as any Capital Hill politician, Rouzier is an advocate of jazz music and plans to make sure the public get on board and enjoy the b …