Shirley To

Shirley To

With an album featuring his original compositions and notable guest performers, David Hughes’ debut release, Swoosh, turns the musical spectrum upside down. Playing melodies, chords and solos on the bass guitar, the artist presents a fresh take on the instrument in a contemporary jazz context.

"The traditional role of the bass is to provide a solid rhythmic and harmonic foundation in a band. The six-string bass guitar enables me to take care of that responsibility and venture into …

David Hughes

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The title track of David Hughes’ debut CD release begins with the escalating sound of an arctic windstorm, and it is like a windstorm this Scandinavian virtuoso bassist and talented composer will sweep through the music world. His self-produced album offers some delightfully melodic tunes and showcases how beautiful the sound of the bass guitar can be.

Although his list of recording and performance credits is impressive, from performances with Chaka Khan, Melissa Etheridge and Ray Manzar …