Sinan Bakir

Sinan Bakir

Jazz guitarist Sinan Bakir and his trio will be performing at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in Manhattans East Village on Saturday April 23rd. Since releasing his debut album "On My Way" in 2009 Hartford based guitarist has been receiving rave reviews from All About Jazz Jazz Jazz Courant and many other publications around the world. Sinan originally from Turkey came to US on a scholarship to study jazz almost a decade ago and since then keeping busy making a name for himself playing gigs around CT and NY. The sound that Sinan is striving for described often as fresh clean and lively yet intense and full with emotion. Hi...
On My Way - Sinan Bakir (self-released) - Bakir, born and raised in Turkey, came to the United States to study guitar after completing his college studies in engineering. His studies brought him to Hartford and he has slowly but steadily begun to make a name on the Connecticut jazz scene. Bakir plays in many different settings, including solo, duo, trio and quartet.

In late November of 2008, he recorded his debut CD at Rotary Records in West Springfield, Massachusetts. For the recording,Thoms