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Are you a jazz fan that loves to read about your favorite music genre?  Well if so, check out our reviews of the many great jazz books of all types including, autobiographies, biographies, fiction, non-fiction as well as musical instruction.


Preservation Hall

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In computer lingo WYSIWYG is What You See Is What You Get. In PRESERVATION HALL it's What You See is the Musicians - JAZZ men that SWING in the TRADITION and in the MOMENT. That's the theme, published by Louisiana State University Press, that's played out by 45 seminal and youthful New Orleans style musicians in time for a 50th Anniversary Celebration. And, Expressive, richly colored, photographs by Shannon Brinkman of their own environment.
Colin Grant has written an impressive book in his historical look at the Wailer's history, and The Natural Mystics: Marley,Tosh, and Wailer shines with insightful gems about Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer. This book reveals the importance of their music on a world-wide scale. Additionally, the reader is given an in-depth tour of the neo-African religions and animist cults of Jamaica.
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