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Blue Monday: Fats Domino and the Lost Dawn of Rock "n" Roll by Rick Coleman

He is not Elvis Presley or Buddy Holly, but is indeed a rock "n" roll legend. Fats Domino has sold over 100 million copies, yet his reclusiveness has kept writers at bay-- until now. Interviewed by Rick Coleman in this first ever biography of the New Orleans singer, Fats Dominos impact on the world around him is finally revealed in Blue Monday.

Elvis Presley's own confessions acknowledged Domino as the leader of the rock 'n' roll movement with such statements like "Let's face it: I can"t sing it like Fats Domino can. I know that."

Historically Rick Coleman includes the backbone of American culture in each chapter. Integral to the understandment and cohesion of how music was accepted during the 1930's and 1940's is reveterbrated consistently in Blue Monday. The quotes that open up each chapter "Teenagers demand music with a beat spur rhythm and blues" and "Supreme Court outlaws segregation" read like headlines in a newspaper.

The history of Fats Domino strides from his family's beginning "His wife Rosemary had a song named after her but was desperate for a simple life. Domino was extravagant in spending though penned a song after his love whom he sorely missed while on the road" to his pleasures "Cars came right after music and food" and lastly to his music "Gayton hailed Antione and invited him to lunch. Still in his jeans the 19-year-old Domino walked into the restaurant with the city's biggest black star. It was a moment he would never forget".

In Blue Monday R&B Scholar Rick Colemen interviews not only Fats Domino but other musical legends; included are Lloyd Price the Clovers Charles Brown and members of Buddy Holly's group the Crickets.'

Additional Info

  • Book Title: Blue Monday: Fats Domino and the Lost Dawn of Rock "n" Roll
  • Author: Rick Coleman
  • Publisher: Da Capo Press
  • Year Published: 2006
  • Book Type:: Biography
  • ISBN: 306814919
  • Rating: Five Stars
  • Number of Pages: 301
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