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Talk Jazz Guitar by Roni Ben-Hur

TALK JAZZ GUITAR is a fine musical instruction book by guitarist Roni Ben-Hur. There is also a play-along CD included.

The fingerings and fret-board diagrams included in the collection are superb. This is a comprehensive collection of BeBop studies for the guitarist interested in jazz.

Among the ten chapters are half-step rules and guides, arpeggios study, use of the Diminished, the Dominant 7 scale, and inversions. This is a great hands-on approach to teaching and will attract those interested in jazz guitar.A nice guide to fingerings with diagrams, also included is a play-along CD. A well-conceived work based on the Barry Harris Method, it reveals the work of gifted guitarist Roni Ben-Hur.

Additional Info

  • Book Title: Talk Jazz Guitar
  • Author: Roni Ben-Hur
  • Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
  • Year Published: 2004
  • Book Type:: Musical Instruction
  • ISBN: 974494321
  • Rating: Five Stars
  • Number of Pages: 79
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