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The Song That Never Ended: A Jazz Musicians Journey to a Love Beyond Life' by John Novello

THE SONG THAT NEVER ENDED: A JAZZ MUSICIANs JOURNEY TO A LOVE BEYOND LIFE by John Novello is an electrifying reading experience. It is a love story and it is also a story about making contact with a loved one beyond the grave.

John Novello is a well-known Hammond B3 performer and he is also a keyboardist composer and author. His late wife was the jazz singer Gloria Rusch.

Set against the background of the music scene in Southern California during the 1980s and 1990s the reader comes to understand the love of music jointly shared by Novello & Rusch and how they developed into popular performers. Some of the musicians the reader comes across in this fine book include Stevie Wonder Donna Summer Chick Corea Billy Sheehan Manhattan Transfer among others.

Despite efforts to discover an alternative cure for the deadly form of breast cancer Gloria Rusch has and John Novello loses his wife to death in January 2000. But this is not the end of the story but a beginning.

The book ends with a positive feel and the belief that contact with a beloved is possible after death. The sections in the book with the five internationally-known mediums and the contact sessions with Gloria Rusch are exceptionally well-written. These post-death contacts with Gloria Rusch make for memorable reading.

Written in a crisp and solid style John Novello shares his story in straight-forward prose that details clearly what it is like to contact a loved one from beyond the grave. And what happens when that contact is established.

The book has illustrations is divided into three parts. There are 44 chapters or topic headings and an interesting appendix.

Of special interest is "38: A Hug from the Afterworld." For those wishing to read an interview with John Novello please go to

John Novello continues his jazz career with the jazz rock fusion group he co-founded with Dennis Chambers named Niacin. His latest CD release is "Time Crunch."

A fine reading experience John Novello's story of contact with his dead wife and the results of those contacts is an enjoyable reading experience. Highly recommended.'The true story of jazz musician John Novellos contact with wife/singer Gloria Rusch after her death from cancer makes for a memorable reading adventure. A well-written look at contact with a loved one after death it will hold your interest from beginning to end!'

Additional Info

  • Book Title: The Song That Never Ended: A Jazz Musicians Journey to a Love Beyond Life'
  • Author: John Novello
  • Publisher: New Paradigm Books
  • Year Published: 2003
  • Book Type:: Non-Fiction
  • ISBN: 1892138093
  • Rating: Five Stars
  • Number of Pages: 260
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