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Tinwhistle for Beginners by Donna Gilliam & Mizzy McCaskill

TINWHISTLE FOR BEGINNERS is a quick way for jazz musicians to learn how to play the lovely little instrument and add it to their performances. This book is a good introduction.

History, fingering chart, first notes, tonguing exercise, positions, and musical facts will intrigue the reader as she or he learns the instrument. A good learning experience, this will be an invaluable addition to the home library for jazz musicians.For those jazz musicians hearing the use of the tinwhistle in world music and contemporary jazz music, and wanting to add it to their performances, here is a quick introduction to the lovely little instrument that will get you playing on it in no time flat!

Additional Info

  • Book Title: Tinwhistle for Beginners
  • Author: Donna Gilliam & Mizzy McCaskill
  • Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
  • Year Published: 1982
  • Book Type:: Musical Instruction
  • ISBN: 871668912
  • Rating: Five Stars
  • Number of Pages: 44
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