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Trust Me by Bruce Forman

Jazz guitarist Bruce Forman has created an intriguing character in the form of jazz performer Sam Mann. This is a revealing look at jazz from the inside out as seen through the eyes of character Sam Mann.

The novel abounds with good characters who involve the reading audience in their intimate adventures! Sam Mann acts, interacts, collides with, and learns from the people he encounters as he seeks to have his own jazz trio at the top of the music charts. His journey is anything but smooth which is the magic that makes this reading experience work so well. There is a Native-American shaman who comes into Sam Manns life who will amaze the reader with direct and indirect mystical consequences upon Sam Mann's life.

The love affair Sam has with Jennifer Holman is an intricate view and perspective on contemporary American courtship between American women and American men and there are many twists and turns. In many ways this is a true comedic quest and the book has a surreal sense of fun about its story and its characters.

Bruce Forman is one of California's most distinguished jazz musicians and is the director/founder of JazzMasters Workshop. He lives in Carmel Valley California and can be contacted at

TRUST ME is a look at contemporary jazz and contemporary jazz musicians and it is also a fine first novel. The characterizations are solid the dialog is true to life and the detail given to each relationship is indepth.

The jazz audience will find this novel a fast-paced and entertaining reading experience. Blunt honest and surreal at times TRUST ME is a novel about contemporary jazz that is hard to put down!'

Additional Info

  • Book Title: Trust Me
  • Author: Bruce Forman
  • Publisher: Lost Coast Press
  • Year Published: 2003
  • Book Type:: Non-Fiction
  • ISBN: 1882897757
  • Rating: Five Stars
  • Number of Pages: 285
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