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Ultra Smooth Jazz Grooves for Piano/Keyboards by Frank Villafranca and Andrew D. Gordon

Saxophonist Frank Villafranca and keyboardist/guitarist Andrew D. Gordon are the writers of Ultra Smooth Jazz Grooves for Piano/Keyboards. Published and distributed by A.D.G. Productions, the Ultra Smooth Jazz Grooves Series is part of the companys catalog which contains over 150 instructional books.

Inside Ultra Smooth Jazz Grooves for Piano/Keyboards are several pages of chord patterns accompanied by a CD that demonstrates specific melodic ideas and lessons to students. The models presented in the book are influenced by some of smooth jazz music's most respected keyboardists including: Bob James Jeff Lorber Ramsey Lewis David Benoit Joe Sample George Duke Brian Culbertson and Dave Grusin.

Gordon tells about the book in a recent press release "We recognized a need in the music publishing business for a series of books on contemporary improvising within the smooth jazz genre. Our goal is to provide quality instructional materials that are interesting enough to appeal to musicians of all levels."

Villafranca and Gordon encourage students to improvise over the grooves throughout the 46-page manual. Their instructions outline a number of approaches and techniques that can be implemented when forming smooth jazz phrases on the keyboards. They recommend to practice a riff in all 12 keys and in different octaves in addition to using a combination of grace notes accents tums falls glissandos and short and long notes.

They advise students to "play along with your favorite music and transcribe phrases or entire solos that you like. This helps you understand what other musicians are actually doing." This piece of advice is crucial to music students who believe that they only need to be concerned about perfecting a specific chord pattern. Villafranca and Gordon encourage students to play with other musicians and to compose their parts around what the other musicians in the band are playing.

Villafranca and Gordon demonstrate that creating a mix of articulations and embellishments has the effect of opening up students minds and stimulates their fingers to go in other areas along the keyboards; thus the new chord patterns act as a catalyst to form new riffs. Villafranca and Gordon show students how malleable music notes can be by allowing the continuous flow of ideas to happen.

The manual is designed to suit the needs of students at every level from beginners to intermediate and advanced. Featuring a variety of contemporary rhythm section styles like R&B Jazz Funk Rock Gospel Hip Hop Latin and Top 40 the manual prepares students to play in a number of music formats. Ultra Smooth Jazz Grooves for Piano/Keyboards empowers students with the knowledge and confidence to play with the music styles of today.


Additional Info

  • Book Title: Ultra Smooth Jazz Grooves for Piano/Keyboards
  • Author: Frank Villafranca and Andrew D. Gordon
  • Publisher: A.D.G. Productions
  • Year Published: 2009
  • Book Type:: Musical Instruction
  • ISBN: 1934163228
  • Rating: Three Stars
  • Number of Pages: 46
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