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Voices In Jazz Guitar by Joe Barth

Joe Barth is a well-known and respected jazz writer. He is also a contributor to Just Jazz Magazine. Many know him as a guitar playing pastor.

This book is a topnotch, successful reference work from a writer who knows and loves jazz. Jazz writer Bill Milkowski gives an insightful foreword to the book.

What is remarkable about this entertaining and well-written book is the in-depth perspective he shares with the readers. Mel Bay deserves congratulations for publishing this creative work. The book covers many great performers who tell about their approach to playing. Among the performers found in this book are John Abercrombie, Howard Alden, Ron Anthony, Roni Ben-Hur, Ed Bicket, Jimmy Bruno, Gary Burton, Charles Chapman, Corey Christiansen, John Collins, Karry Coryell, Al DiMeola, Danny Embrey, Bill Frisell, Bruce Forman, Jerry Hahn, Sid Jacobs, Pat Metheny, Pearl Django, Toots Thielemans among others. Photographs are included.

There are 34 chapters to the book, which also includes an insightful "Index of Influential Albums," and index. A general discussion section is also part of the book contents. An enjoyable section of this fine book is "Gary Burton Discusses The Guitarists In His Bands."

Readers will have fun with this book. There is much to learn from these performers, and they are candid in their responses to personal questions asked of them.

This book gets top marks for its achievement as an in-depth look at the great guitarists and jazz men of contemporary jazz. Highly recommended. An ideal gift for yourself, a friend, and as a selection for your local public library.

Additional Info

  • Book Title: Voices In Jazz Guitar
  • Author: Joe Barth
  • Publisher: Mel Bay
  • Year Published: 2006
  • Book Type:: Non-Fiction
  • ISBN: 796279104142
  • Rating: Four Stars
  • Number of Pages: 490
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