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Wedding Music for Recorder by Marie and Robert Constas

This book, WEDDING MUSIC FOR RECORDER, will have a high appeal to those jazz artists who have already incorporated the use of the recorder instrument into their performances. The pieces are intricate and enjoyable.

This book is for the more advanced performer. There are over 20 songs in this fine instruction book. Among them are found "Ave Maria," "Gift of Love," "Dance in Joy," "The Gift To Be Simple," and "Tender Is Thy Heart."

For the jazz recorder performer, this is the perfect book to have on hand for a special wedding gig and one that will be enjoyable playing with its range of songs. Excellent recorder book.For the jazz artist with experience on the recorder, ready to add wedding performances to his or her listings, this is a great way to learn some new songs and put that special jazz touch to them. As the recorder becomes more in use as a jazz instrument, such instruction books as this one will be a plus to have on hand!

Additional Info

  • Book Title: Wedding Music for Recorder
  • Author: Marie and Robert Constas
  • Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
  • Year Published: 2003
  • Book Type:: Musical Instruction
  • ISBN: 786661194
  • Rating: Five Stars
  • Number of Pages: 71
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