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Peace Orchestra Reset by Peace Orchestra

This CD is mysterious and minimalist in its slate gray cardstock wrapper. There are 11 cuts listed by the group that re-mixed them rather than the title. A little research did yield titles, but nothing is easy with this group. This is definitely in the Acid Jazz genre and what I have since learned is called Trip-hop Music.

A year ago, under the name Peace Orchestra, Peter Kruder released a band-titled Electro-pop piece and is out to do it again by letting other groups remix the same pieces. One half of the Dutch DJ-producer team (K&D)Peter Kruder & Dorfmeister who have previous releases on K7, a Sessions remix double album on their own G Stone label, Conversations, a compilation album on Shadow Records, and an EP entitled G Stoned on Quango.

Kruder again ventures forth on his own with an adventurous blend of techno, house pop, funk and acid jazz. Peace Orchestra took the audience into Kruder's ear space of heavy bass lines and hallucinogenic sampling, and Reset does the same, but adding the input of other groups to remix the mix. It has some of the tunes recorded twice and remixed by two different groups. The biggest surprise of this CD was that I actually liked it! After you get through some of the extraneous wandering, there's lots good experimental edgy music here. The cuts can start off one way go somewhere so totally different from where it started that you think your player's changed tracks. The Man (El Hombre) by Gotan Project- has old Italian melody with a percussive back beat. Cut three, Double Drum remix by DJ DSL is an exciting percussive track that makes you want to snap you fingers and stomp your feet; add a few cool percussive pauses like someone saying ahhh, after sipping something icy and carbonated and it's a futuristic jam. Cut four, Domination - Raw Deal Mix has echoing vibes and a sharp world beat tribal drum that sound makes it sound like a welcome ritual for a new alien tribe. Cut Six, Henry mixed by Soul Patrol begins in loud banging techno and suddenly there's this gorgeous undulating melody playing side by side with the repetitive percussive beat. It's like the African tribe where the students are taught by two teachers instructing in two different subjects simultaneously.

This is very mind bending, but exciting, if you're up for it. I'd say if you like acid jazz or other forms of extreme music or if you're looking for a new experience; Give Peace Orchestra a try.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Peace Orchestra
  • CD Title: Peace Orchestra Reset
  • Genre: Acid Jazz
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: G-Stone Recordings
  • Rating: Four Stars
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