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Rwong Territory by Elliott Sharp / DJ Soulslinger

One of the most maddeningly eclectic performers in the creative music scene today is Elliott Sharp. From free-improv AND intricate compositions with John Zorn, Bobby Previte and Butch Morris to fractured classical compositions for string quartet to fractured rock & roll with Mofungo to blistering blues guitar (his band Terraplane), Sharp has done it all, and if he hasn't, give him time. I'm honestly not familiar with turntable/sampler whiz DJ Soulslinger, but I know a good beat/sample when I hear it. (No, I do NOT think that turntables-as-instruments and samplers are The End Of Music In Our Time -- as with anything else, it's how you USE it that matters & there'll always be more hacks & pretenders out their than visionaries. Besides, I don't hear anyone dissing/dismissing the soprano saxophone because of Kenny G...)

Recorded live at the St. Ingbert Jazz Festival, Sharp & DJS lay out some heavy, chunky yet fleet faster-than-speed-of-speed beats and some freewheeling noise with samples darting in & out. Yet this duo listens to each other closely, creating a dizzying, blurred matrix of sound in which form is implied, then fleshed out, then remade again. This is music/sound where texture & adventure are paramount -- those comfortable with only verse-chorus-verse type contexts had best walk on by. But if you like how Graham Haynes is extending the jazz tradition with his use of sampling, or wonder what might've occurred had John Cage and DJ Shadow collaborated, or would've like to have seen/heard Sonny Sharrock improvise with Luke Vibert, Rwong Territory is rite for U.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Elliott Sharp / DJ Soulslinger
  • CD Title: Rwong Territory
  • Genre: Acid Jazz
  • Year Released: 1998
  • Record Label: Cavity Search
  • Rating: Five Stars
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