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Dago - Sounds For A Blue Planet by Bohm Dagobert

Over the last 100-plus years, jazz music has become America's greatest and most prolific export. In that amount of time, jazz has since returned to the United States as an import. We have seen musical offerings from Latin America, Australia, Africa, Japan and Europe. With those experiences, one of the most prolific influences has been the advent of acid jazz coming out of such European countries as England, Sweden, France and Germany. One of the busiest musicians from that part of the world has been German born Dagobert Bohm. In fact, he has earned critical acclaim as one of Germany's finest guitarists. Since 1982, he has recorded numerous albums and has even founded his own Ozella music label. With numerous accomplishments behind him, including having made his own personal sitar to explore classical music from India, Dagobert Bohm has recorded a new CD entitled Dago - Sounds For A Blue Planet on his own Ozella Music Label.

This recording is Dago's most ambitious project to date. As is the case with many releases coming out of Europe, this CD was rather difficult to classify. Most ambient/acid jazz recordings come heavy on electronic rhythms, coupled with minimal attention to improvisation. In most cases, these recordings are precision works that come heavy on bass and percussion. On Dago - Sounds For A Blue Planet, Dagobert Bohm draws upon the talents of 13 musicians from all over the continent to record an instrumental breakthrough. This is an unprecedented release for Dago, due in part to the first time he has attempted to do what he calls a smooth jazz effort. As an acoustical guitarist, Dago draws upon melodic grooves to expand upon his emotional desire to record music with an airy blend of harmonic sensitivity and strongly stated rhythms. Bohm also attempts to paint an instrumental collage of strong melodies that are augmented by vocalese, as is the case on some of the tracks.

Dago - Sounds For A Blue Planet starts out strong on the first and second tracks. After that, it ebbs and flows, back and forth, up and down with varying degrees of subtlety and intensity. Although Dago likes to describe this release as an ambient smooth jazz-world-pop chillout recording, it does not quite fit the category of smooth jazz in total. The CD does have its moments fitting into the so-called smooth jazz style, but it does not adhere to the idea on each and every track.

Dagobert Bohm has come full circle since his humble beginnings as a professional musician. Having been born in 1959 in Mannheim, Germany, a city filled with musical tradition, this classically trained musician continues a tradition etched in history. Having achieved numerous accolades and a well-rounded career, Dago - Sounds For A Blue Planet appears to be a moment waiting to happen. In my mind, this CD is an interesting and entertaining exposure to the European side of music known as acid/ambient jazz.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Bohm Dagobert
  • CD Title: Dago - Sounds For A Blue Planet
  • Genre: Ambient Jazz
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Ozella
  • Tracks: Marrakesh Sunrise, Ozella, Stay Awake, Cafe au Lait, Birds of Passage, Out Of The Jungle, Nessa Hora - Azul, Wolakota, Blue C, Am Eulenturm, Morning Flight, Straight Away, I Do Love My Life, I Wish I Was A Seagull
  • Musicians: Dagobert Bohm (guitar, flute), Steven Toeteberg, Bela Lattmann (bass), Tony Lakatos (soprano saxophone, flute), Zoltan Lantos (5-string guitar), Kornel Horvath (percussion) Angua Crash, Maria Hiort Petersen, Tokunbo Akinro, Soluna Samay (vocals)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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