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Inner Noise by Asaf Sirkis & Inner Noise

Inner Noise contains many surprises along with interesting compositions from Israeli born drummer Asaf Sirkis. Utilizing a style of writing that allows for contributions from this well thought out trio. Everyone has an opportunity to stretch out and share ideas. St. Michael's church in Highgate, London is the perfect location for the trio to perform. With it's natural ambiance, The trio sounds right at home.

"Lucidity" is an intense piece featuring Outam's captivating guitar. Playing with notes as if they were silly putty, Outram delves deep into the melody with searing abandon. Lodder's classical sounding organ adds a haunting flavor to the mix.

Lodder and Outram's stirring intro to "Hope" continues throughout with Lodder's powerful organ leading the way. Outram works his magic weaving in and out of the melody with confidence. Cascading notes emerge from Lodder in such a way as to invoke a religious dimension. Sirkis's drumming keeps everyone on track.

A spine chilling intro from Lodder on "Desert Vision" creates an eerie canvas for the rest of the group to work from. Carefully played cymbals along with sporadic guitar create a somewhat uneasy sound. Underlying this sound is a subtle beauty that offers many rewards to the listener. Upon careful examination, possibilities emerge.

"Questions" continues to haunt with creative expression and focus. Lodder's heavy use of the pedals adds a certain heaviness that can work well in an acoustically rich church setting.

Although many might consider this session to be somewhat unorthodox, the trio is able to work with Sirkis's compositions on many levels. Intensity, depth and commitment are three words that best describe Inner Noise. After one listen, you get a sense that you are somehow spiritually renewed, and that in a world of tribulation, there is still hope and longing for better things to come.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Asaf Sirkis & Inner Noise
  • CD Title: Inner Noise
  • Genre: Ambient Jazz
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Konnex
  • Tracks: Lucidity, Three Ways, Hope, Floating, Inner Noise, Desert Vision, The Only Way, Questions, White Elephant
  • Musicians: Steve Lodder (church organ), Mike Outram (guitar), Asaf Sirkis (drums)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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