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Koyo by Oddjob

Swedish band, Oddjob, are not afraid to take chances. Koyo showcases the many talents of this up and coming group. With intricate compositions and stellar arrangements, Oddjob creates a varied landscape of moods and textures.

Working from a slow, shuffling tempo, "Man Machine" features Johansson's probing sax. Taking a journey with a laid back feel, allowing the melody to unfold nice and slow. Kajfe's haunting trumpet is used to great effect, draping each note with a sense of control and direction. Robertson's hypnotic drumming heightens the mystery further.

The sound of brushes along with Kajfe and Johansson's unison playing sets the stage for "I Am Sailing." Karlsson contributes some flavors of his own with some delicate playing. Subtle interjections form a pastiche of sound that Kajfe plays against. A thrilling number with many rewards.

A slightly funky rhythm ushers in "Return Of The Party Animal." The band plays together, massaging the melody. A driving rhythmic base encapsulates the moment. Karlsson explores his electric piano with satisfying results.

After an auspicious beginning, the band settles into the groove on "Titanic." Johansson and Kajfe offer up tantalizing colors of sound, playing together with a sense of purpose. We get to hear Karlsson's sparse piano if only for a moment.

"Malmo - Lund" is an up tempo number featuring the horns. A well arranged piece, allowing for all kinds of possibilities. Karlsson's creative piano along with the horns, weave a desirable melody that remains infectious and a joy to listen to. Shades of Horace Silver and Blue Mitchell when they were at their peak.

Originality is the hallmark from which Oddjob excels. Inviting compositions, skilled performances, along with an overall sense of embodiment allows Koyo to breath with renewed purpose. This young group of musicians have much to contribute. This is evident throughout this stimulating and thought provoking recording.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Oddjob
  • CD Title: Koyo
  • Genre: Ambient Jazz
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Amigo
  • Tracks: Their Song, Malmo - Lund, Man Machine, Titanic, Leadhead, I Am Sailing, Return Of The Party Animal, Must
  • Musicians: Daniel Karlsson (piano & wurlitzer), Per Rusktrask Johansson (saxes), Goran Kajfe (trumpet), Janne Robertson (drums), Peter Forss (bass)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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