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Moody Grooves by Dre’ Pauls

Dre’ Pauls is a DJ from Chicago. He has been perfecting his skills since the beginning of his career as a DJ in 1985 during the Chicago House Music scene. Dre’ was once a member of the hip hop/rap group called East of the Rock. Although Dre’ Pauls does not play any instruments, he is a true artist that effortlessly fuses different elements together jazz, funk, blues, soul, rock and classical music. His biggest influences have come from the jazz and disco genres "because of their versatility," as stated in the press release. Dre’ has produced material for such artists as The Positive Senda, The Mad Thinker, Trace the M.C., Infer Black, April Smith, Somethan Smooth and Poet, and Continuous Faith.

Dre’s latest project is entitled Moody Grooves. The album commences with "Love Play," a very smooth and up-tempo track. The blend of piano and electric guitar creates an impressive melody. "Sentimental Harmony" and "Enthusiasm" are utterly atypical tracks borrowing melodies from both the hip hop and classical genres. "Urban Passion" is soothing yet funky the drums create a rhythmic piece of music. "Emotional-Lust" is the spot on up-tempo song to play at a social gathering. "Cupid", "Affectionate Feeling", "Infatuation" and "Desire" showcase forceful guitar riffs and fervent drums. The album comes to an end with the energetically charged "Equally Yoked" and "Eroticism." This album will prove to be a welcome addition to your collection. Play this when you want to entertain or simply relax at home.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Dre’ Pauls
  • CD Title: Moody Grooves
  • Genre: Ambient Jazz
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Dre’ Pauls Productions
  • Tracks: Love Play, Sentimental Harmony, Enthusiasm, Urban Passion, Emotional-Lust, Cupid, Affectionate Feeling, Infatuation, Desire, Equally Yoked, Eroticism
  • Musicians: Dre’ Pauls (All mixing)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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