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Parisian Honeymoon Suite by Hot Club de Norvege

If you are looking for some European flavor to your jazz experience, "Parisian Honeymoon Suite" is a good sampler. This compilation CD features the gypsy jazz groups Hot Club de Norvege of Norway, Angelo Debarre & Romane and the youthful group Sonnckai. Also featured are gypsy guitarists Jimmy Rosenberg and Babik Reinhardt. The release does have a Parisian flavor to it and features some of the things that you would hear in outdoor cafes in France. Emphasis is on the guitar in this recording as it features more of an emotional flavor that some of the music from the twenties and thirties had and are performed here in the US by groups like Harmoneous Wail. Some of the songs do bring about some sadness to them, especially "Fatamorgana" and "Pascal," which are performed with Vertavo String Quartet. This release is a good introduction to a type of jazz that has been around for awhile, but has not been embraced by those here in North America, except for in Montreal.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Hot Club de Norvege
  • CD Title: Parisian Honeymoon Suite
  • Genre: Ambient Jazz
  • Year Released: 2001
  • Record Label: Refined Records
  • Rating: Five Stars
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