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Worldbeat by David Lyndon Huff

David Lyndon Huff takes many moods and flavors and sews them together to form a musical kaleidoscope. The tracks progress in haunting continuum as if holding deep subliminal messages at each turn.

Tracks like "The Journey" and "Quest" are similar in temperament and contain mellow rhythm structures. "Winter Lake" begins with a haunting stillness moving right into "Solace" which proceeds in similar fashion, but with a more pronounced rhythm. It whispers beneath pensive piano and background vocal. None of the tracks are highly energetic or uptempo, but some like "Blue Nile" and "Sunset" are more intense. Mood music is how I’d best describe this CD. It’s obviously an ambitious project and it’s well done to say the least. He utilizes keyboards, percussion, and various instruments to accomplish this cross-cultural fusion. This CD offers something not often expressed.... . it is truly peaceful. Each track is a soul search not resting in any one place for too long. It combines influences of R& B, hip-hop, and techno and lays them over meditative, hypnotic sounds.

Huff has played with a number of bands/artists and is influenced by various styles across the globe. The evidence of that experience comes through in "Worldbeat" as he leads you through his "quest" for the treasure found in musical diversity.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: David Lyndon Huff
  • CD Title: Worldbeat
  • Genre: Ambient Jazz
  • Year Released: 1999
  • Record Label: Green Hill Productions
  • Rating: Five Stars
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