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Arlen Plays Arlen by Sam Arlen

Tied to an era, & performed such........Lush, Haunting, Expressive,Poignant, Moving, Touching, Magical......with all the accoutrements to assure a viable CD project.......Sax man Sam Arlen, (Harold Arlen's progeny) has embarked on his ambitious experiment, complete with luxuriant string filled arrangements. The wonderment of playing his Dad's eternal music could only be exceeded by his possibly writing it himself & enjoying the idea that yes.......A legacy has been left......And, truly it has.....As the music of Harold Arlen has established his genius in our lexicon of our beloved American Songbook. Arlen's songs, so well interpreted by his son Sam is America's 'classical music.' Relying on his original music, Harold Arlen is still influencing a spate of modern day composers, (certainly me!) Sam frames his Dad's compositions with an almost childlike ethos, appropriately enough.......Thus, leaving us to enjoy the passion, endurance, and power of his straight from the soul songs. Long live 'tin pan alley.'

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Sam Arlen
  • CD Title: Arlen Plays Arlen
  • Genre: Big Band / Swing
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: JOR
  • Rating: Five Stars
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